Rent out your property

DEHONvastgoed is specialized in renting out homes. Are you looking for reliable tenants that deal properly with your property, then DEHONvastgoed is the realtor that makes this possible!

Below you will see an overview of the normal steps taken when renting out your property via DEHONvastgoed.

  1. Non-committal conversation with the realtor and a survey of the property
  2. Placing the property online
  3. Planning and attending viewings with potential tenants
  4. Introduce candidates to the owner that fit the search criteria
  5. Screening the tenant
  6. Forming a rental agreement
  7. Start inspection, visual report and planning and carrying out a key transfer
  8. A quarterly check. After three months an inspection will be carried out

Customization is the basis from which DEHONvastgoed carries out its activities. After a personal and non-committal conversation, DEHONvastgoed can align with the owner where the needs are. DEHONvastgoed makes a plan of action to rent out the property to the best possible tenant, ofcourse according to the wishes of the owner. For DEHONvastgoed its crucial to meet the wishes of the owner. We offer a personal service with an eye for detail. We like to think along with every owner/cliënt to improve their position in the rental market.

Do you have questions about renting out your property or would you like to rent out your property? We then kindly request you to leave your contact details here below. You will be contacted as soon as possible.