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Are you looking for a house, but can't seem to find one? Or do you have little time during your daily activities to apply for houses? We can take over that piece of burden for you. As your personal renting realtor we will search for your dream house. Once we have found your dream house, we will make sure that everything is taken care of to the last detail.

How does it work?

With this form you indicate that you are interested to make use of our services. Leave your details behind and we will contact you as soon as possible!

During our first phone call, all your wishes for what you are searching for will be discussed. Next, the search assigment for our services will be discussed and sent to you. In this fase we will ask for your details. When we have received your details, we will conduct a screening. This, in order to have everything at hand when we have found a suitable home for you.

What we will need from you (data) if you want to submit a search:

  • Passport or ID-card
  • 3 months pay slips (most recent)
  • Employmentcontract
  • Employer's statement
  • Signed contract for services

Furthermore, DEHONvastgoed offers as a rental agent: the viewings, possible negotiations, that you get the rental agreement neatly in advance, the planning of the key transfer and start inspection. In short, you will be guided by DEHONvastgoed to a home.